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Size: 55 x 55 cm / 21,7 x 21,7 in
Origin: Made in Japan

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      Our original indigo hand-dyed bandanas are proudly made in Japan. All processes are carried out within the same facility: from cultivating the raw indigo, fermenting the indigo leaves (Sukumo), dyeing, all the way to production. Traditional looms that can weave this soft, lightweight, plain cotton natural fabric with double selvedge of this width are extremely rare. The pattern is created by a technique called Bassen (discharge) where a silk screen is placed over the dyed fabric resulting in destined areas losing their colour, creating very thin patterns and revealing the intricate designs.



      Our distinctive indigo dye bandanas are scrubbed of excess dye using natural agents and each one of them is hand washed and carefully finished into a precious, must-have accessory.



      Hand wash only. Do not bleach, do not tumble dry. Iron high temp.

      We recommend that you gently hand wash items with detergent and lukewarm water the first 2-3 times after purchase and once every six months to a year to get rid of any excess dye. Please use detergent that does not include any whitening or bleaching agents.

      Brown or yellow pigments may appear during washing, and it is normal, as this is a chemical component unique to the indigo dye. Whilst doing this repeatedly, you may remove the excess dye and be left with more vivid colours than before. There is still a possibility of colour transfer with harsh rubbing or other close / vigorous interactions.

      Because the products are handmade, each item's colours and patterns are unique. The dye may react to ultraviolet rays such as sunlight and discoloration may occur. Please keep away from excessive ultraviolet rays or sunlight. In the unlikely event of discoloration, place the item in hot water overnight, wash and repeat.

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