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CARRETTO DEL CIBO Embroidered Cushion

50 x 50 cm / 20 x 20 in

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Inspired by the vibrant cityscape of Italy's lively streets, CARRETTO DEL CIBO depicts a quintessential italian scenery: the market place. Whimsical elements mingle with colourful banners and laden carts, evoking the vibrant sights and sounds of a bustling market day. Set against a plain light beige background, the vibrant hues of CARRETTO DEL CIBO come to life, creating a captivating contrast that ignites the imagination. This heavily embroidered cushion is adorned with a fringe band that features little coloured tassels which perfectly complete the look. Bring the lively spirit of Sicily into your home with this striking cushion, and glance at it to be transported to the heart of Italy's bustling markets.