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ESTIVO Luglio Wallpaper

1 roll x 52 x 1000 cm / 20.5 x 393.7 in

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A captivating wallpaper infused with vibrant geometric patterns that are endlessly repreated, reminiscent of sparkling ocean waves. Here, relaxation is at its core, creating a cheerful ambiance that effortlessly elevates any space. Alongside these coastal-inspired motifs, ESTIVO also features an abstract pattern bringing back memories of childhood rainbows, set against a serene blue background in a trendy retro style. This fusion of elements adds an extra layer of whimsy and nostalgia, enhancing the allure of your interiors with dynamic energy and timeless appeal. Available in five hues that represent the sunniest months of the year, including Maggio, Giugno, Luglio, Agosto, and Settembre, ESTIVO offers such great versatility.