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STATUARIO Blu Wallpaper

1 roll x 52 x 900 cm / 20.47 x 354.33 in

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A celebration of contrast and contradiction, STATUARIO is the place where ancient meets modern and simplicity meets complexity. The stark white of the statues contrasts beautifully with the vibrant hues of the flowers, while the clean lines of the abstract shapes provide a striking backdrop for the intricate details of the design. The ancient figures evoke a sense of timeless grace and beauty, their sculpted forms standing as a testament to the enduring legacy of classical artistry, while the backdrop of abstract geometrical shapes blends classical elegance with modern flair. Create a sense of harmony and balance that is both captivating and serene, while adorning your space with STATUARIO or STATUARIO BLU, the pattern infused with a touch of elegant blue.